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Our mission is to be a catalyst in solving America's perennial housing affordability crisis. A basic human need for shelter, a decent, stable home forms vibrant and healthy families and communities. We do not build affordable homes, but we provide the platform to enable every person or household to achieve the dream of home ownership. The buildings blocks towards full 100% home ownership is available and indeed attainable for our members at HutFund ™.

HutFund ™ is the largest on-line marketplace for investing in both the family household and the property they live in. It's where investors, and buyers of single-family residential homes in the United States and Canada converge. We help raise funds for would-be buyers through crowdfunding. Investors from all over the world, interested in making investments in U.S. and Canadian properties, specifically single-family detached homes, townhomes, or condos, will find our marketplace a trusted venue for investment acquisitions.

At HutFund ™, we believe that when you invest in people, you invest in their dreams of home ownership, which encourages community building. Please go ahead and explore our tools, with the power of crowdfunding, to help build tomorrow's equity today.

Why choose us

Here's our top three

  • Our main focus is non-commercial properties. Your smartest long-term investment is simply the property you live in, co-owned with investors who believe in passive investments in small and manage-free single-family residences.

  • Because our investors come from all around the globe, raising investor funds through crowdfunding has never been much quicker. Unlike TIC for commercial properties, no more long wait times for funding.

  • We encourage making investments with people you know, your family, and friends of your friends. In building trust among our members, we help to fulfill the dream of home ownership, one household at a time.

Work team


Edgar Enriquez

Founder and CEO, HutFund

Team HutFund

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Daniel Beer

Board of Advisors, HutFund

The Beer Home Team

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Jessica Macias

Board of Advisors, HutFund

Team Macias

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Client rave reviews

It's about time

Kelly T.
I sold my property within 25 days I listed it at HutFund. Thank you.
Steven D.
A name you cant trust in the real estate crowdfunding arena.
George K.
My attempts to purchase my dream home years back proved to be a futile exercise. But with the help of investors at HutFund, it was a different story this time around.